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Android App

LoyalDog has a sexy Android app that captures satellite latitude and longitude of the process server as they are taking the photo at the address. 

iPhone App

For servers who use iPhones, our new iPhone mobile app is now available in the App store. Just as strong and capable as our Android App. 

Efficient Information

 It sends this into the program with the attempt or complete information and updates the website so your clients can see this info as well! 

GPS Verified

Armed with a photo and GPS verification of every attempt, you are able to show you run a clean operation and hold your servers accountable. 

DCA Compliance

Our mobile app is also fully DCA compliant for NY users and integrates seamlessly with an independent third party, The Independent Server as required by the NYS DCA rules. We actively watch for new rules and laws and adapt your software accordingly to keep you in compliance and ahead of the game. It’s all included and doesn’t cost you anything. 

Integrated Document Management


Automatic Barcode Recognition

LoyalDog provides direct TWAIN access for scanning and also accommodates high volume scanning with large scanners. The user can scan large volumes in big scanners and LoyalDog can recognize the barcodes inside of the scanned images and know where to put them. The user can also scan direct from the workstation. This is a fast, high volume feature that you have to see to believe! However you are scanning, LoyalDog can accommodate you.

Just scan to a folder and LoyalDog processes the bar-codes in your documents and attaches them to the right jobs. It is extremely fast and lets you go paperless!

Other Documents

 You can also attach videos, pictures and other files for your records and/or for clients and your employees to download. 

Scanning Requirements

Scan In Single-Page Tiff Or Single Page PDF(This Means If You Put 50 Pages In The Scanner And Scan Them, The Scanner Will Make 1 File Per Page.)- This Is For Stacks Of Affidavits And Worksheets That Will Be Scanned In One Shot But Going To Different Jobs.

Scan In Multi-Page Tiff Of Multi-Page PDF(This Is So You Can Put In A Stack Of Documents On A Particular Case With The Barcode On The First Sheet. Then The Scanner Will Put All The Documents In One File.

Canon Imagerunner’s works very well on this. Most Ricoh’s also have these features. Make sure you double-check before you buy one though!

As long as your scanner can do these things, you can leverage the datamatrix recognition and client-side code-39 batch recognition.

The Difference

With the datamatrix recognition, the barcode contains more information – it contains the type of document that you are scanning and whether or not that document is visible to the client when it is scanned. Also, since the square datamatrix barcode is used on this, it doesn’t always have to be perfectly straight — the datamatrix recognition is more accurate. Since the 2d datamatrix is optimized for smudges/errors – if the recognition is successful, it is always accurate. We have never seen the datamatrix barcode succeed on a recognition and fail to decode the barcode correctly. There is also a wow-factor to the datamatrix. It looks hot.

Code-39 barcode is the code-39 (rectangular) barcode. If you have a good scanner and they go in straight, its nice. It is not forgiving if the barcode is crooked though. We have clients getting 99% accuracy on the code-39, but I usually see 90+%. It is also possible (but rare) for the program to read the barcode wrong since the Code-39 really isn’t optimized for error-correction.

For high volume shops, we recommend the datamatrix recognition.

Going Paperless


Amazon S3 Integration to Back Up Your Files


The truth to scanning everything is that you will quickly get hundreds of gigabytes of documents and you will need to be backing them up and buying extra servers for them when your main server fills up! It is no fun being responsible for a few hundred gigs of scanned documents on a year-old server with a fan that just started making noise 10 minutes ago. Backing up all those documents every day can be pretty time consuming and doing a restore in the event of a problem is also an unfriendly process. How to avoid this? LoyalDog is set up so that every day or every week you can send everything you scanned over to Amazon S3 at the touch of a button! The beauty of this is that when your clients (or you) want to view a document that is in S3, you are using Amazon’s FAST bandwidth instead of your own web server’s! It’s all built directly into LoyalDog! It is lightning fast and you have to see it to believe it. Amazon spreads them out over many computers and is completely redundant. You don’t have to worry about backing up documents that you have sent into S3 – that’s what you are paying Amazon for. S3 costs about 15 cents per gig per month. This also frees up the used space on your server so you don’t have to worry about it filling up.

Because of our extensive experience with high volume situations and the issues of scale/data involved, we are well equipped to set you up in a manner that delivers consistent high performance and reduncancy and completely blows the doors off of anything out there.

Use Google Drive

You can now sign up with a Google Drive to back up your data and documents. 



Comprehensive Features


  • The Printed Documents Are Fully Customizable.
  • All Reports Can Export To Excel.
  • Other Reports Export To Streets & Trips Or MapPoint To Handle Multiple Stop Routing Optimized In The Best Order To Work Them.
  • The Program Can Also Export Invoices To QuickBooks And We Can Customize To Other Accounting Programs.
  • Clients Can Export Their Calendar To Excel And Your Servers Can Download Straight Into Their GPS Units.

There is no one process serving program out there for your business that does everything best. To give you the best capabilities, programs need to unselfishly integrate and collaborate with each other. By using all of these tools to work together, LoyalDog gives you unprecedented power to get your job done and keeps you in control.


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